Social Enterprise

The term “social enterprise” came about from the recognition that, in the UK and across the world, there were organisations using the power of business to bring about social and environmental change without a single term to unite them.

Flower Pod is striving to develop and meet the characteristics typically associated with a Social Enterprise, in so much that:

  • our social mission is to directly support adults with learning disabilities and to promote the visibility and awareness of our parent charity, Reach Learning Disability, within the local community and surrounding areas
  • we are generating an income through trade by selling flowers, natural confetti and other products and services (Flower Pod Shop) with the goal of trading becoming our main source of income and reducing our dependency on external funding
  • any income generated via the sales of our products and services is directly reinvested into Flower Pod.
  • our enterprise is autonomous of state other than certain sources of funding that may be provided by state related bodies
  • Flower Pod is an organisation within the charity Reach Learning Disability and therefore has no minority control stakeholders
  • we are accountable to the trustees of Reach Learning Disability

If you would like to know more about Flower Pod and running a Social Enterprise why not book a Tour & Talk or contact us for more information.