Flower Pod is a real hive of activity throughout the year. Our flowers bloom in Spring and Summer but we work all seasons to provide specialised, accessible activities based on horticulture and teamwork.

Why? Well, people with learning disabilities in Nottinghamshire are at high risk of loneliness and poor health, and often miss out on experiences that many of us take for granted such as;

  • the satisfaction of a good day’s work
  • taking pride in seeing projects you work on come to fruition
  • happily forging strong friendships in a place you feel safe

So we focus on providing the therapeutic powers of outdoor life, collaboration and connecting with nature. Here are just some of the activities that take place at Flower Pod:

  • Occasional outings
  • Opportunities to take part in community projects
  • Tailored short courses for small group work
  • Social events – occasional
  • Peer mentoring
  • Volunteering and work experience opportunities
  • Learn about gardening through the seasons, growing vegetables and fruit.
  • Art and crafts such as willow weaving, simple woodworking, textile projects, using fabric to decorate our upcycled tins for flower arrangements.
  • Flower arranging and conditioning flowers
  • Occasional Simple cooking
  • Gardening
  • Composting