Welcome to our Flower Pod Shop!

The commercial side of our activities provides a wonderful platform to involve the local community in helping to develop Flower Pod and finance our project. As our commercial activities grow we are providing an environment where people with learning disabilities are given the opportunity to develop personal skills related to employability.

In deciding to buy from Flower Pod you will be making a direct financial contribution towards Flower Pod and our goal to reduce dependency on external funding.

Not only do we grow flowers for sale or to make natural confetti, we also offer services such as Tours & Talks, corporate volunteering days and seminars. You can even hire the site as a venue.

We do not presently offer on-line payment through the website but you can pay by card, by bank transfer or by cash when placing your order by phone or at Flower Pod.

We offer high quality products and services supported by excellent customer service. Please contact us if you have any concerns or suggestions on how we might improve.

Thank you for your business – Happy Shopping!