People with Learning Disabilities

Flower Pod is a great place to be!

The inclusive environment has a magical quality that promotes confidence and helps people reach beyond their expectations. Our beautiful garden provides a natural, stimulating space for people to thrive using gardening, flowers and nature to promote health and wellbeing.

Our service for people with learning disabilities

Based around outdoor, gardening and horticultural activities, you can get involved with a range of activities, mostly related to our commercial enterprise and the products we sell. Examples include:

  • growing flowers
  • sowing seeds
  • caring for plants as they grow
  • watering and weeding
  • picking the blooms which we sell as bouquets
  • various on-site construction projects
  • participation in Flower Pod events, on and off-site
  • production of our natural, flower-petal confetti
  • helping with deliveries to customers and sales on our flower stall

You will work alongside our qualified employees and volunteers, either on your own, in a group or in pairs. Individual projects mean you can work at your own pace in a way that suits you and develop towards achieving personal goals that will develop confidence, skills and life-affirming experiences.

People who come to Flower Pod describe the benefits to their life as:

  • making new friends beyond their immediate circle of support
  • learning new skills
  • having fun
  • enjoying exercise by gardening
  • feeling part of the community
  • space to be themselves
Personal Development

In conjunction with our experienced staff, we will agree a personal development programme aimed at your specific needs, goals and objectives. This is then reviewed and developed on a regular basis to ensure you are getting what you expected from Flower Pod.

We run a range of informal activities and more formal courses that prepare people with learning disabilities for volunteering and the skills needed for future employment.

We believe everyone has the right to contribute to society in a meaningful way and that’s why we like to help improve life and vocational skills. For example, our Employability Course helps develop skill such as interview techniques, travel training and preparing a CV.

Other activities include:

  • crafts
  • poetry
  • creative writing
  • willow weaving
  • simple healthy cooking
  • rustic furniture making
  • photography
Social & Therapeutic Horticulture

The benefits of gardening and access to outdoor space, fresh air and nature are becoming increasingly recognised by health professionals as an important tool in improving health and wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.

The benefits of a sustained and active interest in gardening include:

  • better physical health through gentle exercise which increases muscle tone and flexibility
  • improved mental health by a sense of nurturing, responsibility and achievement
  • the opportunity to connect with others, share experiences and feel less isolated
  • restorative qualities of being at one with nature and time to reflect and heal
  • improved concentration and focus with practical, task-oriented responsibilities
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Flower Pod presents many different opportunities to suit many different people and our skilled, friendly team of staff and volunteers work closely together to enable everyone to get the most from their time with us.

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to come alomg for a taster session, just
contact us for more information.