Our Social Enterprise would be unsustainable without the support of our volunteers. That’s why we endeavor to look after them the best we can and to provide rewarding activities and responsibilities to suit individual needs.

In 2016 Reach was selected to receive the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in recognition of the contribution made by our volunteers. That does not mean there is not scope for improvement and we welcome feedback and suggestions to help us develop further.

Many volunteers discover new skills beyond their expectation whilst at the same time helping to facilitate the aims of our charity by assisting people with learning disabilities to integrate with other people and feel more part of community life.

Alongside Personal Volunteering, we offer regular Corporate Volunteering Days for groups of between 5 and 50 people – essential for getting those bigger tasked completed and usually a fun team-building day for the company involved. There are also opportunities for school and university students to participate and gain invaluable work experience.

Whether you volunteer at a regular weekly time or prefer a one-off commitment, your support will be hugely appreciated.

If you are interested we recommend coming along for a taster session where you can meet the team and spend some time at Flower Pod – most people find something beyond their expectation and don’t look back! Just contact us.